5 Reasons Why Personalized Gifts Are the Best to Give (and Receive!)

We've got Christmas on our minds here at Mimi and Me Designs. Our little elves are busy designing and sewing the perfect personalized gifts. This holiday season, treat your favorite little one to a cute, unique gift from Mimi and Me Designs that’s personalized just for them.  Personalized gifts really are the best kind of gift to give (and receive!).

Here's why:

1. It's just plain thoughtful.   You don't always find Sloane or Aiden on generic personalized gifts, so giving personalized burp diapers or a customized toddler blanket is a thoughtful gift for a child with a unique spelling of their name and one that they won’t be able to find elsewhere.

2.  They’re customizable: Does your niece Ella love purple? Is little Dylan a soccer fan? You can customize Mimi and Me Designs gifts to incorporate the interests of your favorite little ones to make it an extra special gift. Our custom blankets allow you to add a personal touch as you design your own special gift. Of course baby will love it, but Mom and Dad will also also treasure receiving a gift that’s meaningful and customized just for their bundle of joy.

3.  No worries if someone else got the same gift: There is nothing worst than feeling like you have bought the best gift ever; only to find that someone else has bought exactly the same thing. This can be easily avoided by choosing personalized gifts instead. By personalizing a gift with a recipient’s name or initials, you can ensure the gift is truly unique and something they will treasure.

4.  Shows how much you care: Giving any gift a personalized touch needs some efforts and consideration. You don’t just go to a vendor and ask him for a personalized gift. You have to think about the personality, likes and dislikes of that special someone. So, when they receive a personalized gift, they instantly know that you care.

5. It’s more than a gift, it’s a keepsake: Whether it’s a personalized burp cloth, onesie, hooded towel, or blanket-parents will always treasure a gift with their baby’s name embroidered on it, and it will most likely be kept as a special keepsake long after the baby is born.

At Mimi and Me Designs, we care about how you shop, so we know that for lots of you, choosing gifts is the most stressful part of the holiday season. That’s why we’re giving you the perfect solution… a personalized gift that says exactly what you feel!

Happy Holidays! From Keri at Mimi and Me Designs

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