The Fall Season is here!

The fall weather has officially kicked in! This cool breeze everywhere sets the tone for all the fun festivities that come along with this season. Warm comfort foods, pumpkin flavored everything, football Fridays, and of course Halloween It is arguable that Halloween is! Mimi & Me’s favorite holiday so of course we have to go all out and bring you some new custom products! Halloween inspired blankets, with different colors and embroidery options! We will have these products in baby sizes, all the way to adult sizes, because you can never outgrow a snuggly blanket. Our new inventory will also include holiday inspired onesies, bloomers, and burp cloths to ensure your baby will be looking spooky for the season. We hope you visit our site to get your own Halloween products!


Fall Gift Set - Bloomers/2 Burp Cloths


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